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Whether you know it or not, a spiritual battle is raging.  “Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour” (1 Peter 5:8).

As Bible-believing Christians, our goal should be to make a difference for all eternity. And to do that, we need to be equipped (like soldiers in any army).  “Put on the full armor of God, so that you will be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil” (Ephesians 6:10).

The goal of BattleGear is to provide some of that equipment.  For instance we are developing Bible memory apps for the iPad/iPhone. Also, we have some very creative Bible study materials.

Bible at a Glance

How do you get a handle on the Bible? Or to put it another way, how do you understand the big-picture flow of the Bible? Now those are hard questions! After all, the Bible is a BIG book! We know the Bible is a very important book. But how does a normal person grasp it?

We tend to learn a piece of the Bible here and a piece there. But that can leave us with a large and somewhat random collection of data, not to mention a minimal sense of how (or even if) it all fits together. No wonder people struggle with understanding the Bible. If we only had a unifying sense of how the pieces relate to each other and to the whole.

This brief Bible-based presentation will paint a picture that you can understand and remember. Using simple colors it will provide powerful insights and a high-level understanding of God’s grand plan for the ages. And it will do that in less than 15 minutes! Now that is a worthwhile investment in your Bible understanding and your spiritual growth.

Press here to view the presentation, or you can go directly to YouTube and search for “BibleAtAGlance” (all one word) and this presentation will be listed first.

Further, there is now a free app available on the Apple App Store, by the same title, “BibleAtAGlance”.

The Game of Destiny

Preview “The Game of Destiny”

The world says, “Make a million dollars and
retire to Green Acres.”  Is that really what we want to teach our kids as the goal of life?  We have a fun family app called “The Game of Destiny”, now available from Apple’s AppStore by clicking the button on the right.  It will challenge the thinking of both kids and adults by encouraging life choices from an eternal perspective.  For more information, visit the game’s web page or watch this short video.  Search “Destiny77”.

The Navigators – Topical Memory System


Preview “Topical Memory System app”


Search “TMS77”.


TMS topics are divided by series: Live the New Life, Proclaim Christ, Rely on God’s Resources, Be Christ’s Disciple, Grow in Christlikeness.

TMS Life Issues include the following topics: Knowing God’s Will, Self-Image, Dealing with Sin, Guilt, Perfectionism, Anger, Depression, Sex, Money, Stress, Suffering, Love.

Here’s help for memorizing verses in the TMS Bible memory program and the TMS Life Issues verses. See, say and record the verses, and play several games to help you commit verses to memory. Tracks memory and review status for multiple participants and gives points for their memory/review activity. Shares memory status information across multiple devices via iCloud.

Then don’t forget the verses you have worked hard to memorize! Try our games that make review fun! And they let you add a touch of competition to your Bible memory work. Compete to be among the “All Time Leaders” in reviewing your memory verses. Drag-and-drop or select the phrases to assemble each Shuffled Verse in the proper sequence. Then combine the strategy of TicTacToe with the consideration of which verses you can say word-perfect – otherwise you just helped your competitor! Or try out the challenge of Concentration with your memory review. Includes a practice review option to refresh yourself on the verses before starting the game.

Awana Sparks


Search “Awana77”


Use these apps to help with AWANA Sparks Bible MEMORY!  Parents and children will love memorizing verses in this Bible memory app that coordinates with the Awana Sparks program.  Includes all the Awana songs.  Kids love the audio recording capability. Children can see, hear, record, sing and say verses and play several games to help them commit verses to memory.  Tracks memory and review status for multiple participants and gives points for their memory/review activity. As reward, participants pick animals to “help Noah load the ark” and hear the animal sounds. Shares memory status information across multiple devices via iCloud so parents can immediately see their Sparky’s progress.

Also, there are REVIEW apps available for AWANA Sparks. How do we help Sparky’s develop long-term retention of the verses they have worked to learn?  Insufficient review of memorized verses is the biggest obstacle, so these games make it fun to review!  The first game shuffles the phrases of the memorized verses, so the player can drag-and-drop to assemble the verse in the proper sequence.  Up to four players can play this game.  Game 2 is Bible Tic-Tac-Toe – it combines the strategy of Tic-Tac-Toe with the strategy of selecting the verses that you can recite perfectly – to be recorded by you and checked by the second player.  Game 3 is Bible Concentration – once you find the matching verse references, you recite the verse and the second player checks.  Of course if you miss it, you just helped the competition!

BJU Press – Home School / Christian School




Search “BJU Press”

Bible memory apps for Bob Jones University Press Christian school/home school curriculum – 4th, 5th and 6th grades.

Bible Study Materials

Because the Bible is absolutely foundational to our life and growth as Christians, we have developed Bible study materials and leader’s guides, beginning with an excellent short book titled, “How to Study the Bible.”  You can learn more about these materials at ScripturesAlive.org.  “Like newborn babies, long for the pure milk of the word, so that by it you may grow in respect to salvation” (1 Peter 2:2).

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